Wednesday, April 22, 2015

10 Things Fitness Instructors Think During Class

We've all been there.

1. Is it hotter in here than usual?

2. Maybe that second glass of wine last night was a bad idea.

3. Must. Catch. Breath. And smile. ::pants through smiling mouth::

4. Jeez, what song is this? What do I do? Oh no, the verse is about to start... Oh yeah! ::immediately starts choreo like you knew what was coming the whole time::

5. Single single double. Single single double.

6. To do: laundry, pick up ground turkey for dinner, write out thank you cards, bake cupcakes for - shoot, I'm on the wrong foot. No more daydreaming. And I have to pay my bills...

7. Why did I put three fast songs in a row in my playlist? Who do I think I am?

8. I feel like I'm the only person in the room who's moving. ::yells words of encouragement, sees 50% increase in activity instantly::

9. I'll never be as good as ((name of someone who inspired you to become an instructor)). I wonder if anybody else ever thinks that about me!

10. I love this job.


  1. Yes to all. #11 This hour is going by so slowly.

  2. My student response to 7 and 8 is "holy f, please PLEASE slow down for a hot second!"

  3. No. 1, as an AZ instructor that is my very first thought when I walk into the pool area!

  4. Love these....they all ring true!

  5. LOL!!!! Yep, and in any order on any given day.

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