Monday, March 23, 2015

ZINspiration Mondays with Tameka

Tameka lost a TON of weight by doing Zumba and changing her eating habits. She became a ZIN to inspire others... and I'm sure she'll inspire you! Here's her story.

Zumba has changed my life in every way possible. In the past , I tried tons of ways to lose weight. Seeing myself at 270 pounds, I finally decided to try something new.

Tameka before Zumba (beautiful but ready for a change)

I always loved to dance so I tried a Zumba class with my girlfriend at the YMCA. I loved everything about it... my instructor's energy, the songs, the movements. I was hooked!! I was so excited to find an activity that I could do, that I rearranged my entire life so I could attend as many classes as possible.

Once I got going, I changed my diet and started experimenting with smoothies and clean eating. Over three years I dropped 120 pounds!! It literally melted off... I think a lot of it was because I had an outlet to get rid of a lot of my stress!!!

Tameka after!

After thinking about it for a long time, I decided to get my Zumba license. I now transfer that passion and love for Zumba, music and dance to my members!!! I feel complete as a person. I'm actually heading into a new phase of my life as I'm turning 40 this year, but because of Zumba I still get carded (lol!). 

GREAT job, Tameka!

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