Monday, March 2, 2015

ZINspiration Mondays with Marylin

I'm excited to share Marylin's story, because her ups and downs are super relatable. Here is how Zumba helped shape her life.

This is my story... I was an average size child. When I hit puberty, I gained a considerable amount of weight and low self-esteem settled very quickly. At 17 years old and 180 pounds, my mom took me to a doctor to help me lose weight. It worked, and I was down to 145lbs.

It didn't stop there. I moved to the US and went back to 180lbs. College life, fast food etc....Then I met my ex husband; that's when my life fell apart. Self esteem was below ground level, I was in an abusive relationship and very depressed and suicidal. With the pregnancy of my first child, I became hypertensive. Subsequently, I was put on BP meds. 2 kids later, 240lbs, I gathered what I had left of strength, took my kids and moved out. 

Slowly I began to find myself again and wanted to be happy. I tried all sorts of diets, weight watchers, Jenny Craig, MediFast: you name it, I tried them. They all worked but the weight came back. Fast forward to 2010, my love for Latin music was satisfied with 6 months of salsa lessons, but once it became about competition, I dropped out. In 2011, my daughter told me that they had Zumba at her summer camp. I decided to check it out.

I became hooked!  I met several instructors who after a while, encouraged me to begin teaching myself. I also began to focus on portion control, food choices, and weight training. 60lbs later, I had reached my initial 180lbs. Depression is still my enemy... I gained a few lbs from drowning my pain in chocolate, but with the meds, I feel much better and more ready to inspire others. I got my B1 license in February 2014.

Zumba saved my life because my health has improved a lot and it's my true calling. Finding my life's purpose makes me happy, hence staying away from depression and suicidal thoughts.

Just like I did, you can get healthy again. Of course, there’s no doubt about making healthy food choices in order to get healthy. The good thing about Zumba is that it kills 2 birds with one stone. Physically, you get moving and burn lots of calories, you tone up without realizing that you’re doing a workout. It works! Mentally, and emotionally, Zumba is a lifesaver. It enhances your mood, you have fun, you smile! 

After a rough day, we tend to go home, alienate ourselves and turn to sugar, at least I do. But if you go to a Zumba class, you release all that pressure and stress of the day. A small example in my personal life: One day I went to my doctor with a headache that would not go away (my blood pressure was high), but after being off blood pressure medication for over a year, I was not inclined to go back on them. My doctor said to me, go to a Zumba class today and see how it goes. I didn’t go to a class but I used my DVDs at home and my pressure went back to normal and my mood was so much better. Zumba really changes lives. 

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