Monday, March 16, 2015

ZINspiration Monday with Pamela

Pamela kicked depression and got healthy with the support of her friends and of course, our favorite workout! Here's her story.

When things were at their lowest, I had retreated from life and was going thru a depression. I didn't want to leave my house. At my heaviest, I was 237. Moreover, my mother had cancer.

Through my mother's illness, I "accidentally" started losing weight. Call it stress, depression, whatever, but I had lost 22 lbs. without any effort. I decided maybe I could walk a little and lose even more. Then my last child moved out and I started eating healthier and not keeping any junk food in the house at all.

To make a very long story short, walking turned to running, and then a friend suggested Zumba. She got her B1 and was going through the same weight loss journey I was. I got my B1 license in January 2014, and I just did Gold training in February and am looking forward to starting that class soon.

Zumba has made my life complete. I've found where I need to be and wish I had found it years ago. Zumba helps me be healthy and makes me want to help others and that's what it's all about... being the best you can be and helping others do the same. I've lost 97 pounds over the course of my healthiness journey and I feel the best I've ever felt.

The hardest part of getting healthy was getting past the years of not being fit and trying to keep the will to go forward. It helps to have someone to encourage you and keep you accountable. My friend and I did that for each other. Another hard part is the haters... and, let's be honest, there are many. There are people that will tell you "you are losing too much weight," or belittle your attempts to get healthy.

My advice for others would be simple... eat healthy and exercise and you will see results. There is no magic pill. You have to do it yourself by hard work and dedication to a healthier lifestyle.

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