Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hard to Teach Dance Moves Made Easy!

I try to keep my choreo pretty straight forward and easy to follow. To me, Zumba isn't about getting super artsy with the moves - it's about getting a fun workout! But, I do find that some of our go-to moves can be hard to pick up.

I never want anyone to feel frustrated, so I do sometimes preview a move before a song or during the intro. It got me thinking about how to best to teach certain moves... so I took to YouTube and found some great advice!

The Samba
I love the samba, but I had to stop doing a song in my class because it was too fast and almost everyone was modifying it. Here is a great little video with tips that I will definitely share the next time I do this move in a routine!

The Oft-Dreaded Body Roll
You either love it or you hate it. In this clip, the instructor describes thinking about drinking a glass of water and really breaks the move down. Very helpful!

Ok, you might be thinking that everyone knows how to squat - but does everyone squat properly? Heck no. It worries me that students may hurt their knees by doing squats the wrong way when I'm not watching. Here is some great advice.

Pas de Bourrée (or, back-back-front)
I never call this move by its formal name... the French makes it sound way harder than it is! But, the footwork involved in this move can be intimidating. Check out this breakdown to teach the move to your students:

What moves do you break down for your students? Do you avoid tricky moves all together?

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