Sunday, October 26, 2014

ZIN 53: A Review

I did something new with ZIN 53. Instead of going straight to the DVD, I first listened to the CD. I found it really helpful to identify the songs I like most first... sometimes I don't love the choreo they provide and I think it turns me off to great songs without giving them a good chance.

This is what I tweeted when I first listened to the CD:
And, I meant it! Like the last mega mix, the chore rhythm songs were perfect - very recognizable and simple to choreograph. When I got to the DVD, I instantly loved the live class choreo for the first two songs, a merengue and a salsa.  Can't wait to learn them and use them... especially the salsa, my three regular salsas are just about ready to be replaced!

I also liked the cumbia (ironically, named Mi Gente like the recent ZIN song for which I have a love/hate affinity). It's a but slower than other songs, so it's prefect for mid-playlist intermittent training. I wasn't sure about Watch Out for This until I watched the live choreo for it - looks like so much fun! I didn't love La Zumbera right away but the choreo in the one-on-one class looks like a great hips/core workout. I won't use the Brazilian Funk song... I think it works for folks who are really into dance and music but I think my students like lyrics and songs that flow a bit more than this one does.

The end of the volume was great. Again, loved the live choreo for Solito y Sin Ti - it brought the song to life for me. The reggaeton song was really upbeat and different from other reggaetons I use. And, the crown jewel of the songs... Talk Dirty (a Jason Derulo original). I don't always love the songs they pick for remixes, but I LOVE this song and have been looking for an excuse to use it. I've had choreo in my head for it already, so I think I'll use my own... I can already feel the duck lips coming on!

What did you think? Happy choreographing!

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