Saturday, October 4, 2014

Who Got You Into Zumba? (Part II)

These stories are so awesome, today I have a bunch of new ones for you (and more to come)!

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Mary: Two and a half years ago I was overweight, depressed and low on energy, and my Zumba fanatic friend Mindy talked me into going with her just once a week. I was totally captivated by the instructor, Gee-Gifford, but it took a year to really get my bearings. Over the course of the next year I met several other fabulous instructors, most especially Robin, who showed an interest in me by inviting me to events outside the world of the regular class. By the end of that second year, I got my license and those two special people began to mentor me in their own ways, along with several others who showed me great kindness and support. Now I am 80 pounds lighter; I am healthier and happier than ever before; I consider both Gee and Robin dear friends, and had the great pleasure of going with them and several other ZIN friends to Convention last month. I am grateful that I have become a part of this vibrant community.

Torey: My cousins tried to get me to try Zumba for months. I used to have a low self-esteem and no confidence...very shy and overweight. I went with them one day and loved it. Then I got up the courage and tried it at my gym. I use to watch others do one day I took Omar’s class and became one of his biggest fans. He is not only my instructor but a great friend. He is the best and he motivates me like no other, and he has changed my life. I not only have great instructors I also have met some amazing friends who are all so positive! Because of Zumba I have lost over 60lbs and 5 pant sizes. I am now a Zumba addict and go at least 5 times a week. It has changed my life forever!

Lori: I always give credit of my love for Zumba to Brent aka Zumba Kraze! I walked into his class 3 years ago weighing 240lbs. I was the fat girl in the back of class trying to hide. I think it only took a week and I was a front row diva. I've now been an instructor for 2 1/2 years and weigh 130! It was his unbelievable passion that changed my life. I met Karla 2 years ago when I had to move to a different state. She welcomed me into her classes and has become a mentor and beautiful friend. I don't think these 2 fabulous people could ever understand how much of an impact they've made in my life as a person or Zumba instructor.

Sandy: Last May I was having a lot of back issues, laying on the couch gaining weight being depressed. My good friends Kim and Marie had me walking with them (as often as they could get me out the house) then told me I WAS going to try this Zumba that was coming to our little town. Of course I said no, I can't, I'm not gonna like it, I hurt etc. Well, they dragged me kicking and screaming (lol). I could hardly move, my knee and back hurt so bad they said I had to try it a few times (oh, by the way, they are in their mid 30s I'm 48) so I went back a few more times.....each time I did a little more and fell in love! In May (1 yr later) I got licensed in Aqua & kids and am teaching and feel AMAZING! My depression is gone and my back feels so much better with no meds or treatments (I still have to watch some movements and modify) and the doctor says I have built up muscles around my back to help with the support and the 30 lbs I lost took a lot of the strain off. My husband says to everyone "Zumba gave me back my happy-go-lucky wife"!

Charise: My husband & I took ballroom dancing at a small studio near our house. The owner of the studio always said that when my husband & I came for the group lessons the classes were SOO much fun.. She wanted me to teach Zumba for her! I had never heard of Zumba and I was only 6-7 months out of cancer treatments. Cancer had left me with a disabled leg & I couldn't believe she thought I could teach Zumba. I bought the DVDs (2008) and memorized the entire POWER DVD. Took the B1 training 1/2009 & began teaching the first week of 2/2009. My leg has slowly deteriorated over the years but I manage to continue teaching Zumba!

Ilse: It wasn't even 1 instructor!  It was all the instructors and a bunch of women in class that encouraged me to teach!  And I love being on the other end now where I can encourage a student to teach :)

Marjorie: Many years ago when I was in high school my Spanish class went to (not sure of spelling) "Folklorico de Mexico" and I just loved the dance and bright colored costumes. I never was in dance but in 2010 when I saw the infomercial I had to get it. I spent the next year trying to get my local gym into Zumba, then in 2013 I went for my training.

Peggy: My niece was doing it and always talking about it. After about a year she had lost 100 lbs! I was sold! I had to start! 1st class I thought I was going to pass out! But something told me to keep going. I was hooked! 40 lbs lighter and I became an instructor.  :)

Cory: Tanya B. [got me started]. I was teaching fitness at a women's circuit training club and someone mentioned Zumba.  I had never heard of it - there wasn't anyone teaching it in my rural central NY neck of the woods. So I googled Zumba and the first video that came up was "Hips Don't Lie/Bamboo" with Tanya B.  I said "OMG! I HAVE to learn this and I want to learn it from HER".  So I checked and found out that the great Tanya B was holding a B1 training at 24 Hour Fitness in New York City. That was August 22, 2009 and that road trip was a 50th birthday gift to myself. I was the only one in a room of 55 peole that raised their hand when Tanya asked who had never taken a Zumba class before. I was scared spitless but once the training began I was mesmerized!! At our break for lunch, in a rare one on one moment Tanya said she had been watching me and that she felt I would be great. OMG! Five years, a TB, B2 training and several of her master classes later I am still in love with Zumba.  And I miss Tanya B and her marvelous spirit that spoke to me that day and gave me the confidence I needed to go for it!


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