Friday, October 17, 2014

Question of the Week: Brought to you by Ebola and my head cold

Don't worry, this post isn't really about Ebola. It is inspired, however, by the head cold I caught on Monday and all the talk of getting sick in the news. I started to feel that telling throat tickle on Monday night, and by Tuesday morning I was definitely sick. I had to cancel a Zumba class I was supposed to sub on Tuesday night - total bummer.

Needed one of these this week.
I foolishly thought I would be well enough by my regular Wednesday evening class, but by mid-morning I knew I wouldn't be ready. I contacted all the subs on my gym's list but didn't hear back from anyone. I knew the show must go on, so I took a power nap and went to class. I smiled and sang along as always, and made it to the end.

I posed the question on Facebook: Do you teach when you're sick if you can't find a sub?
  • About 75% of you said that you push through a head cold and teach, with the logic being if you can stand, you can dance. Many of you said your students deserve to have their regularly scheduled class. That's commitment!

  • Wait a second. Some of you warned against the culture of "being a trooper" or acting tough, because it's important to listen to your body. As Nancy said, "You're not doing brain surgery!" Good reminder to take a break from being a multi-tasking perfectionist (ahem) and to get the rest we need when we need it.

  • Wendy, Margie, and others said getting out of bed and going to class makes you feel better. On the other hand, a bunch of people mentioned that if you're contagious you put your students at risk. As Kristi said, "Not only do we expose our students, but their families too. Being a mother of 2 children, I'm aware their little bodies don't have the immunity we do." I think the rule of thumb is if you're at the beginning of a cold or have had a fever within 24 hours, you should stay home.

  • One person shared an instance when she was so ill that she fell asleep without finding a sub and was to weak to get to her class the next day. The gym was mad but she felt it would have been dangerous to drive. I've been that sick once or twice and know what it feels like to not be able to do anything. Should gyms be understanding about this type of situation or are we responsible to be there or get a sub no matter what?

  • We all agree on one thing - if your sickness involves frequent restroom trips, CANCEL class!

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  1. Hi there! I'm a trainer and group fitness instructor and I rarely am able to get subs, so that means teaching when I', not well. I usually nap, try to get extra fluids and power through. It's not fun, but it's better than cancelling class. We do what we have to do!