Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dancing Down Memory Lane

I know that, like me, many of you were involved with dance as a kid - whether it was in school, after school, or at home with family. I was looking at an awful dance recital photo of myself and it got me thinking about my pre-Zumba dance life....

Recital hair-dos:
For a curly-haired girl like me, these were the worst. You want me to get THIS head of hair into a bun THAT size? Don't think so.

Shamelessly practicing everywhere:
I remember dancing through the supermarket, the halls of my school, and at family functions. What's that? You've seen me doing this recently? Guilty. But I used to do it much more.

The Grind workout DVDs:
Remember Eric Nies? I went through a phase in which I did his workout DVDs everyday. I honestly still remember some of the choreo. The moves were so 90s, it cracks me up just thinking about doing the butterfly in my living room.

Adults requesting on-the-spot shows for their friends:Am I a clown? Do I amuse you? Ok, I secretly enjoyed it. The best might have been when I was a little kid and was asked to perform a routine with a friend. We picked the song Daisy Dukes (remember that one?). #Inappropriate

Pictures like this:
Oh em gee. Why was it OK to dress us up like flowers/ munchkins/ prisoners/ hippies/ whatever and parade us around like this?

(And yes, this is me. Also, point proven on why a bun was so complicated.)

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