Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What goes through a Zumba Fitness student's head during class...

  • I’m so glad I made it here. I have to take time for me!
  • Did I start the dryer? Shoot. I should probably go home.
  • Here comes the instructor. Ugh, crap, eye contact.  Will have to start the dryer when I get home.
  • She calls this a warm up? I’m already sweating. It’s more like a HOT up. Heh.
  • Oh, I love this song.  Bailaaando, bailaaando, tu cuerpo beedeedeebodeebeedeedeebee… Bailaaando…
  • Damn, how is she wiggling her hips like that?
  • Oooh, I see, she was moving her feet and her hips followed! Maybe I can… VICTORY!
  • This feels so good.  What a workout!
  • Single, single, double. Single, single, double.
  • Yes, a cumbia! I loved that movie, what was her name? Oh yeah, “anything for SELENASSS”! Ha.
  • Did it just get hotter in here?
  • It was so sad that Selena died. J-Lo was really good in that –
  • Ow, what the hell was that in my ankle?
  • Hey there, red shirt girl… we all see you. It’s not a contest, let’s tone it down a little.
  • Don’t forget to start the dryer. Don’t forget to start the dryer. Don’t forget to – damn, how did I end up in the wrong direction?
  • Ok really, the air conditioner must be broken.
  • Is it cute or annoying that all of the Zumba songs say “Zumba” in them? I mean, we know where we are…
  • Need to take a breather.  ::pretends to tie shoe::
  • Pitbull: such a strange name, but his songs are so catchy. Dale! (whatever that means…)
  • Nailed that salsa. I rule!
  • Yeah, that’s right, red shirt girl. In-yo-face!
  • I’m dying. I’m literally dying.
  • This song is kind of slow… ohmygosh, this is the cool down!
  • I MADE IT!
  • I feel like there was something I was supposed to do when I get home…

 What else?


  1. Is it over already Neyra? Wish it was 90 mins

  2. Hi Jen, So funny! My thoughts would be . . . What?! We have a new routine? Damn! He's wearing the same UnderArmour shirt. I should change during break. Ooooh. Who's that? She's cute! Is this song by Pitbull? Oh-Uh. Watch out for that sweat puddle! Hmmm. I need to buy another UnderAmour shirt after class . . .

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