Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Oh, the faces we make!

When we want to switch directions. When the song changes. When we make eye contact.

...We. Make. Faces. In the spirit of owning the silly faces made by Zumba instructors everywhere, here are a few of my favorites:

The Giant Smile: Sometimes I smile. I mean, SMILE. It's usually when I'm feeling really tired and am trying to convince both myself and the class that we all feel great.

Duck Lips: I have never, ever taken a selfie using "duck lips," but I do sometimes slip up and flash this face during certain moves, like body rolls and destrozas. I can't really explain it.

The Oops: Yes, I know that participants will barely notice if you make a mistake and keep going. But, my face doesn't lie - I almost always make a crazy oops face when I miss a step. Usually it makes a few people laugh and we keep movin'. 

Pointing with your Eyes: It may be the most subtle version of cuing ever, but I do think it helps to point your eyes in the direction you're going next. Even if only one person notices, it feels worth it!

Pointing with your Lips: This may seem like a variation of duck lips, but don't be fooled - I'm telling you which way I'm heading! I'm certain this isn't helpful like pointing with your eyes, but it's more of an involuntary movement at this point.

I hope you can relate to these faces... and if not, I hope you'll tell me I'm alone in my face-making! Be honest with me, people. :)


  1. Done all of thèse and many more. Love the post.

  2. LOL!!! This made me laugh so hard!

  3. Hate when I roll my eyes when I make a boo boo. I need to stop that...lol

  4. i make the eye movements when people in my class are talking

  5. I was told that I have a very....animated face when I'm teaching...particularly when I'm co-teaching....