Saturday, August 23, 2014

ZIN CD 52!

There's nothing like getting new Zumba music in the mail - especially when it's a DVD month! I always make sure to listen to the songs a few times before I pass judgment.  Now that I've listened and watched, here are my thoughts.

  • La Chapiadora (merengue): Merengues are meant to be fast, and this one is FAST. I'd like to think of myself as a quick learner when it comes to dance moves, but I felt kind of silly trying to do some of the moves from the live class - either it's too fast or I'm not as cool as I think I am.

  • Mulata de Platino (reggaeton): I thought this song was OK until I watched the choreo... and then I felt in love with it! Songs that include the destroza have a special place in my heart. I recommend the song and the moves from the live class.

  • My Heart in the Beat (electro-Latin): I'm a big fan of Mara, but this choreo felt very similar to Crazy Love. It's good for a class of beginners or as a slower paced song for the purpose of intermittent training.

  • Bailando (flamenco-reggaeton): Did I gasp out loud when I heard track #4? Yes, yes I did. Every time I hear this song in the car I make up moves in my head. I love it. The choreo is just fine but there are a million moves you could do to this song. I never, ever do the machete but I think it fits perfectly in the chorus!

  • El Serrucho (cumbia): I'm a Cumbiaholic, so naturally I liked this song. The choreo is good, but a word of caution - it's not class tested! They do a sleepy leg around in a circle and I just know even the best of classes would get lost, facing backwards and not knowing what to do.

  • La Luz (tribal): This was one of those songs that I liked a lot more after watching the DVD. The song is high energy and you could tell the crowd was really enjoying themselves.

  • Tanto (electro-bachata): Good song with some cute variations on old moves (there's a turning knee lift I really liked). There's also a body roll section, which I like (work that core!) but my classes always groan when I use them in my choreo. :)

  • Dale Fuego (calypso dance): Love. It's hard to go wrong with a Calypso song and the choreo from the live class is super fun.

  • Descarga de la Luz (salsa): I love salsa, but it takes a lot to get me excited about a salsa song until I've heard it quite a few times (like the songs I grew up with!). The instructor from the live class has a lot of swag, which made it fun. It's a good, basic salsa song and you can do a lot with it!

So, what did you think?

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