Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Z Beat: In Case You Missed It (#TBT)

This blog is almost a month old, and it dawned on me that many of you just found it in the last week or two. In honor of Throwback Thursday, this is the story of The Z Beat, complete with links to every single post so far (including the early ones, when I was basically talking to myself).

After welcoming readers to my brand spanking new blog, to get to know each other I shared why I hated my first Zumba Fitness class and some other confessions about myself. I told you about my two training experiences - B1 and Aqua - and what I do to workout when I'm not Zumba-ing (hint: running and lifting!). I also shared some of my fave choreo from YouTube and some celeb inspiration.

I try not to be too know-it-all-ish (because, I don't!) but I have shared some thoughts on teaching - both supporting students to get the best possible workout and some tips for instructors. I also gave you my take on ZIN CD 52.

While some of you were at convention, the rest of us celebrated #ZBEATCON, a virtual convention that encouraged us to push ourselves and connect with others. Peggy won our first giveaway!

I've tried to make you laugh, with my list of Zumba Fouls, some funny memes, and the What Kind of Zumba Instructor Are You? quiz (answer: mostly Queen Latinas). We really shared a good e-chuckle over What a Zumba Instructor Says versus Thinks.

The best part of this blog so far has been sharing your stories. Christine, Jacqueline, Extreme Weight Loss's Charita (who wrote me the nicest note!), and Amy's stories were really powerful.  (Get ready for more AMAZING stories coming soon!) I also shared Judy's brilliant fix for a music fail and my experience at Michele's awesome Jam™ Session.

It's been a great month! Please send me your feedback and keep readin'. :)

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