Friday, September 5, 2014

Dance Fitness Exposé: An Introduction

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Ok, maybe this isn't exactly an "exposé"... but did I get your attention? As a Zumba enthusiast, you probably appreciate a workout that incorporates dance and fitness together. The other day I was wondering what else is out there, and I couldn't believe what I found! Here's what my preliminary search turned up:
  • Clubbercise
  • Piloxing
  • Werq
  • Bokwa
  • Hitzjam
  • ReFit Revolution
  • Sh'bam
  • Pole (giggle)
  • BalletBeFit
  • Kardio Krunk
  • Sensazao
  • Booty Ballet (yes, really!)
I plan to do some investigative reporting to share more info with you all about what these classes are about. Feel free to comment or hit me up on Facebook if you know of other formats I should check out. Stay tuned for a new series of posts: Dance Fitness Exposé!

Have you tried any of these formats? Let me know what you think!

Are you an instructor who teaches in this format in the NYC/LI area? Please consider inviting me to your class! I would love to learn from you and feature you on the blog.

Are you the home office behind one of these formats? Let's talk about how I can best introduce your fitness method on The Z Beat! You can email me here.

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