Tuesday, August 12, 2014



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I started The Z Beat as a way for ZINs to connect, share a laugh, and inspire each other - ZINs for whom Zumba might be a passion or a source of extra income, people who have a "regular" job, people who struggle with their weight or need extra motivation to workout from time to time (yes, ZINs struggle, too!). 

This blog isn't about me. But, I'm guessing it would be more interesting if you knew a little about me... so here you go:

  • I have a full time desk job and a PhD. People who know the professional me rarely believe that I'm a Zumba instructor - I'm pretty serious about my work. Anybody else get that?
  • I lost about 30 pounds in my early 20s and have kept it off for over a decade (give or take the same 5 pounds that come and go). They say weight loss is 20% exercise and 80% what you eat, but for me exercise is critical - it's my gateway drug to eating well. I will count calories if I feel myself going off track. 
  • I was big into dance as a kid. Becoming a Zumba instructor as an adult made me feel like I had found my place in the dance world and that I could continue to do what I loved as a grown up! 
  • I'm half Puerto Rican, and half Polish/Austrian/Russian. You can't really tell what I "am" just from looking at me, which I think is kind of fun. More on this in a future post.
  • I have an awesome, supportive husband who absolutely hates to dance. I know he loves me because he'll do a merengue with me every once in a while - like when Suavemente comes on at a wedding. Pretty much only when Suavemente comes on at a wedding. And if cocktails are involved.

I have something exciting to announce tomorrow for all the folks who can't make it to the convention this week. Stay tuned!


  1. Love the website, Jen.! You can certainly let fellow zumba instructors know that I'm hiring at ROK Health and Fitness in East Rockaway, NY (subbing for now until perm. classes become avail.); also we can put together Master Classes, Charitable Zumba events, or a way for all of us to connect in person!!!! Zumba instructors can email me at Jill@rokny.com or visit ROK Health & Fitness on Facebook/on line. Best of Luck to ALL OF YOU!!!!!

    1. Everyone can also connect with me on Facebook

      Jill Sumner-Markowski