Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Celebrating #ZBeatCon (and giveaway sneak peak!)

In case you missed it, #ZBeatCon is a way for all ZINs to participate in the spirit of the convention, even if you can't be there in person. Click here for more details. This week, we're connecting, learning, practicing, and enjoying Zumba together and I'm inspired already.

I've done three things so far in the #ZBeatCon spirit. First, I subbed a class. It was my first time subbing in a gym where I didn't already know the members, so it stretched my comfort level. I had to sell myself as a teacher, convince them they'd love Zumba (it's usually a piloxing class!), and maintain my energy despite the ancient stereo that kept skipping my CD, which I burned just in case my iPod wouldn't work (it didn't). It felt good to do something new and adapt my style to a new group of students.

I also debuted a new reggaeton song in my class. I love the energy that naturally comes with a new song.  t was Bambalam by General Degree, and it was a major hit!

Lastly, I investigated some new dance pants - I have a major issue finding ones that I'm comfortable in (do they all have to be SO tight?). I've narrowed it down to these, these, and these. This may seem silly, but I never treat myself to anything and part of #ZBeatCon is giving ourselves the tools we need to improve as instructors... and I need me some pants!

Don't forget - participating in #ZBeatCon gives you a chance to win a Z Beat Swag Bag (details here)! Here's a hint at what the lucky winner might take home. :)

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