Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Borrowing moves from the Interwebs

I guess you have to assume that if people post their choreography on YouTube, they're OK with others using it. It still feels kind of naughty. What if someone Googles a song only to find someone else doing "my" moves? I'm really living on the edge here, people.
To show some love back to the fine people who've shared their stuff, here are a few of my favorite borrowed routines.

Run the World, Beyonce:

I love the chorus choreo in this video (2 chest pumps and 3 jumps, around the world) but I made up my own moves to the verses.

Sexy Ladies, Dahrio Wonder

This is a simple song but this instructor's swag really comes through! I borrowed most of this choreo, although I swapped the chasses during the verses with a move that I can't describe in words that make sense. #blogfail

Bambalam, General Degree

I ended up doing something pretty different from what's here, but I love the way this guy moves and as soon as I saw this video I knew I wanted to use the song in my playlist!

Echa Pa'lla, Pitbull

This one's a double steal because my ZIN friend found this video first and then I started doing it, too! Great energy and easy to follow.

Hope you enjoy these videos. I promise to give back and upload some of my original choreography as soon I get my hands on the right technology.

What YouTubers have you borrowed from?

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