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I admit it. I hated my first Zumba class. I had a dance background and liked to work out, so it seemed like a no brainer. I was not expecting to be in a crowded room with 20 people who knew exactly when to single-single-double and what to yell along with the music. It felt like being mixed up in the mariachi military, with everyone stepping to the beat but me.

Cut to the chase: my confessions

It took a few months for the trauma to wear off. I tried again and found a few instructors who I absolutely loved, and I started going to classes three times a week. In May 2013 I got licensed to teach and now I teach in Long Island, NY.

I'm still not your typical instructor - I have yet to buy a pair of Zumbawear pants and I don't yell wepa! in class (ok, once in a while when I'm REALLY feeling it). I'm just an average person trying to do something I love to stay in shape.  I'm currently B1 and Aqua certified, and I plan to take a teaching vacation (update: did this in January 2015!). I also run (13.1x2, 26.2x1) and enjoy kickboxing and bikram yoga. In other news, I'm a native of Queens, NY; I have a PhD in something that has nothing to do with fitness; and I'm proud of my blended Puerto Rican/European heritage!

Join me as I chronicle life as a Zumba instructor and aspiring wellness aficionado, share information about the latest moves and music, and provide reviews of events and products that I think you'll find useful. I can't wait to hear from you:
TheZBeat@gmail.com or @TheZBeat.

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  1. I found out about Zumba in a pretty unique way. I work in a senior living community. A fantastic fitness instructor came in and offered Zumba Gold for the residents. Myself and a few other staff members went to observe the class and before you knew it we were drawn in by the music and began Zumba-ing along. It was such fun we hardly realized that we were getting a workout. I decided to try a non-gold class. I definitely knew I was working out! It was hard but fun. The music is amazing and it keeps you moving. I'm in my 50's and have been in classes with people half my age and almost twice my age (those Gold classes are still fun). BTW, I think that dance recital photo is awfully cute.

  2. Thank you Jennifer!!!:) To her readers: Head on over to spillingcoffeendroppingthings.com to read her guest post on my blog:) Jennifer you inspire me!:) -christiana
    oh great comment @anon!