Wednesday, November 25, 2015

10 Fitness-y Things I am Thankful For

This post is from Melissa, a guest blogger on The Z Beat!
We've all seen those "What I'm Thankful For" lists this time of year and with Thanksgiving upon us, I thought I would share 10 of the (mostly) fitness things I am thankful for this November.
1) Dressing like an Easter egg... and getting away with it - When I was growing up, whenever I wore something that didn't match, my dad would say "You look like an Easter egg!" As a Zumba instructor, wearing bold colors and patterns and "mismatching" are encouraged instead of frowned upon and I am thankful to be able to make a statement each time I teach.
2) My students - It's no secret that some days can be trying and I can feel defeated, but 99 percent of the time, my students lift me up and help me realize that I am not alone in facing my challenges. In most cases, they make me forget whatever I was upset about to begin with so I am thankful to be able to let go in class.
3) The ability to wake up each day and do something I love - There's an old saying: if you do something you love, you'll never work a day in your life. Zumba makes me feel that way and I thankful to be able to get up each morning and know that I can have fun, dance and still get paid!
4) The friends I've made - I can't begin to count the people I've met and the dear friends I have made just because I was at the gym, doing a run or teaching a class. Those connections never would've happened if I was sitting on my couch watching TV and I am thankful for each one.
5) Massage chairs/beds - At one of the gyms I go to, I have unlimited use of massage chairs and also a hydro-massage bed and all I can say is, thank you.
6) Seeing progress in others - I always encourage people to take before and after pics when they start a fitness journey. As an instructor, I can see changes in people because I don't see them every day. I am thankful to point out these positive changes for my students and friends.
7) A hot shower - Nothing feels better after a workout and a rockin' class than a nice hot shower. I am thankful for the moment I turn those knobs and instantly feel refreshed.
8) Inspiring others - Many people tell me how what I do every day inspires them to do this or that. What an honor that it to hear. I am thankful to be a good example to others when they need it and while I may just be doing what I always do, they are always watching.
9) Ibuprofen and Aleve - Not gonna lie, aches and pains happen a lot in my mid-40s so I am thankful for the times I need the help to be able to move again.
10) All of The Z Beat readers i.e. YOU - I am beyond thankful for Jennifer Lauren for keeping The Z Beat up and running and to all of you for reading my guest posts. I am blessed.
Would love to hear what you may be thankful for so feel free to comment. Until next time, stay healthy!


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