Monday, September 21, 2015

For Fun: Fitness Nostalgia

For many of us, getting and staying fit is a lifelong process. Over time, we've seen it all. Today's post is a walk down fitness memory lane - how many of these things have you done over the years?

Jane Fonda
The original diva of fitness videos, many of us got our starts in our living rooms doing scissor kicks and ballet plies along with Jane. With her first video released in 1982, she paved the way for countless of fitness personalities who came after her.

Sweatin' to the Oldies
While we're on the topic of workout videos, we have to tip our proverbial caps to Richard Simmons. I still can't hear Dancing in the Street without doing the choreography to myself.

The Thighmaster
Thanks to spokeswoman Suzanne Sommers, the Thighmaster was a huge hit in the 90s. Interesting fact: the marketing mind behind this product was the same person who made a bajillion dollars selling mood rings. I think we were all had.

The Grind
I haven't brushed off my VHS videos in a while, but if I did, The Grind would be the first one I'd reach for. I still remember every move, and miss dancing along with Eric Nies in my living room. #swoon

Bonus admission: Well before I was dancing along with Eric, I was doing Mousercise with Mickey. I hope I'm not alone on this one!

What would you include on your list of fitness nostalgia?


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